Sunday, March 18, 2012


Okay…no big secret that I love CITRASOLV and The Graphic’s Fairy. Today they came together for some simple makeover magic.

The Before:

plain flameless candle

The After:

custom flameless candle 3

The how-to’s:

Step 1:

Gather your supplies:

  • Citrasolv (I buy mine at
  • plain white tissue paper
  • the laser-printed image of your choice (remember to reverse it if it has text!) …the image I used can be found here.
  • a cotton swab (you know…a q-tip)
  • hard work surface covered with a piece of cardboard

Step 2:

Transfer your image to tissue paper.

custom candle

  • Place your image ink side down onto tissue paper.
  • Dampen one end of cotton swab with CITRASOLV. (you only need a little!)
  • Cover entire image with CITRASOLV.
  • Use the other end of swab to lightly rub the entire image until transferred to tissue.


Step 3:

Transfer tissue paper to candle.

  • Cut out your image.
  • Remove any protective covering from candle.
  • Position image on candle, using straight pins to anchor.

pin tissue image to candle

  • Grab your handy, dandy hair dryer.
  • Using the high heat/low speed setting blow hot hair onto image.
  • The image will magically melt into the candle.
  • Remove the pins as the image starts to cling to the candle.
  • Use your finger to smooth the image as it transfers…be careful…the candle may be hot!…you can also use a popsicle stick or old gift card to smooth the image.

Step 4:

Stand back and admire your personal piece of art.

custom flameless candle 3

custom flameless candle 1


Until next time….




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