Monday, June 27, 2011

A Quick Makeover

Today after finishing a sewing project, I started putting a few things away….when I spotted some wired ribbon that I had bought after Christmas. I had loved the color and bought it having NO idea what I would do with it. It definitely did not scream “Christmas” to me!

Today, suddenly, an idea struck! I’m going to be a little non-traditional and start with an “after” picture….


I used the ribbon for a quick lampshade makeover.  I love it when a “what-if” works. I love the new look.

I had bought a plain lampshade for another “naked” lamp. It just didn’t work…but I put the lampshade aside, knowing that I could probably use it later for something. Okay….I admit it…I was really just too lazy to take it back. It was only $5!

Here is the before of the lampshade:


All I did was take the ribbon and wrap it around the shade.


I had another roll of ribbon-the same color, but no swirls-that I decided to make into a flower for an accent.

close up afterI just tucked its “stem” into the wrapped ribbon. The best part? If I decide to change the look, all I have to do is remove the ribbon….and perhaps wrap with another color..even strips of fabric or lace. The possibilities are unlimited!

The sewing project I was working on? A little tote made from the leg of a pair of wide-legged jeans, lined with some ticking…

small denim toteticking lining and pocket

I love repurposing old jeans!…and lining it with one of my favorite fabrics is just a bonus. washer has chimed…telling me it is time to hang some more laundry on the line!

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Every One DOES Need an Alice!

Okay. I hate to admit it, but we (unfortunately) live in a time when most companies’ customer service departments are seriously LACKING! Like most, I could not begin to tell you all my personal horror stories of dealing with many customer service reps! So when I run across a company that has good customer service, I feel it is my DUTY to pass that information along.

Surely by now most of you have heard of . Need toilet paper delivered to your door? How about that hard to find in your area laundry detergent? Well just head on over to . I’ve been using alice for a few months…mainly because I have such a hard time locally finding the cleaning products that I like to use.

Well…last week my order came and in it were some items that I hadn’t ordered. Sometimes alice includes free samples (another bonus), so I didn’t think much of it until I started checking my invoice with the actual items received. Those unordered items had mistakenly been sent instead of the some of actual items ordered. One of their packers must have had a REALLY bad day! So with much dread, I picked up the phone to call alice’s customer service. I was happily surprised when a very polite Max answered my call. He apologized for the mistake, asked if I would like a refund or a replacement shipment (I needed the stuff…so I asked for a replacement). He told me I could keep the items (they were very inexpensive items that would have probably cost more to return and restock….so this is probably not always the case.) Honestly, talking to Max was a real pleasure! The next time I checked my e-mail I had received a confirmation of the replacement order. The order itself arrived just a few business days later (all my alice orders have arrived shockingly quick!). Then today I checked my e-mail to find a follow-up message from Max making sure that I had indeed received the replacement order.

And for you couponers (and especially you want-to-be couponers), alice also automatically applies available coupons to many of their items….no codes needed. Did I mention that shipping is free??? Just order 6 items or spend a certain amount (I think it’s $50) if you order fewer than 6 items.

And if you do decide to give alice a try, please use the link on the right sidebar. Thanks! Oh…can’t let you go without telling you my FAVORITE item that I’ve ordered…..Harmony Daily Shower Cleaner!

Harmony Daily Shower Cleaner

Wonderful stuff….even keeps those dreaded mineral deposits off the fixtures!

Okay…gotta go now. Trying to get over some creative paralysis! I have several ideas in my head and I’m having trouble getting myself to JUST start on ONE of them. Anyone else ever suffer from that? I know if I can just get started, I’ll be fine!

Until next time….



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