Red Gathered-Back Tunic

Where did summer go? It seems like it only arrived last week. But sweater weather is just around the corner.  While I do love sweaters--especially cardigans—I HATE cold weather. 

Summer likely flew by because I have been BUSY! Not overly so. Just steadily working on projects. Not that you would know that from my slack blogging habits. {hangs head in shame}.  This morning I finished my third indygo junction Gathered Back Tunic.


red gathered back tunic front

It is a great piece for transitioning from summer to autumn. Who am I kidding? I wore my second one all summer long. It was especially nice for the over air-conditioned grocery store.


This tunic was made from Parsons Grey Boro Naha Bandana that I bought from Craftsy MONTHS ago. I lost 35 pounds this summer, and wanted to wait until I wasn’t losing at such a rapid pace before cutting this fabric. Still, I made this too big. I knew better from my previous GBTs than to do it. My bust measurement is a 42 which put me between a L and an XL. I KNEW that the Gathered Back Tunic is ROOMY. I KNEW that I had lost 35 lbs since making the 2nd one……and still I erred on the side of going larger. It is fine…..It doesn’t hang off of me quite as bad as the 2nd one does, but I should have trusted myself enough to go smaller. Especially since I need to lose more weight. Live and Learn! If I make another, I will definitely size down to a large.


All in all, the Gathered Back Tunic is an easy make. The hardest part is getting the gathered back attached to the straight edge properly. The first two that I made came together perfectly the first time. This one? not so much. I took it apart several times. Reread and reread the instructions, thinking that I must be doing something wrong. In the end, I just could not get it to look as nice as the first two. With that said….I finally decided that it was GOOD ENOUGH. I have found much worse problems with RTW!

red gathered back tunic back

Next on the agenda? Shredding zucchini! It is still summer, after all—for a little while. May as well make the most of it.


Until next time…..