The Joys of…..


Hot Mess Studio

studio 2


The studio is completely packed now. These were taken a few weeks ago. Yes, I am a SLOW and terribly messy packer. Now it just looks sad….filled with packed boxes.

On to the Living/Dining Room/Bar area:

living room


That wall in the background? Gone. It was a temporary wall that had to be put up by hubby to make a bedroom…. Our bedroom furniture was too large to go up the narrow staircase in this old house. I guess people had smaller furniture back in the day. Honestly the “living” room was a large room (a relative new addition to this old house)… a 1000 square feet large! Yes. One room. So that wall hid our bedroom and my hubby’s office/storage area.

Just off the large room is a bar. Yes, that type of bar complete with beer taps and a sink! It, too, is stacked with packed boxes.

living room 2

At one time there was stemware hanging from racks in front of that mirror. They belonged to our late landlady. Note: the “late” part of that statement is why we are moving. Nothing like estate disputes….despite a will! A sad state of affairs. Anyway…to make it a little less bar-like, the glasses and racks came down and are neatly packed away for whoever ends up being the new owner.

However, all is not bad. In true “GOD is GOOD” fashion, we quickly found a place to rent when we realized that we were about to be dragged into someone else’s problem and that our lease was not being renewed (truly a blessing!!!). It is only about a mile away in the same little community. AND….that is not all….no that is not all. The first time I saw the “new” house when we first moved to NY a little over 6 years ago, I looked at my husband and said “If I have to live in NY, WHY can’t I live there?” And then I tried to just appreciate its beauty when I drove by…because covetousness is a sin!!!

Living in this house for the past 5 years has been challenging….despite my attempts at trying to make it more homey, it just never felt like home. It was just a house….a roof over our heads….. in the community that my hubby fell in love with. My new landladies were saying that they hope my family will be happy in our “new” home, and I told them that despite only being in it a few times it already felt more like “home” than this one ever has. One told me that she wasn’t surprised since this house has “Moose Lodge” vibes. As soon as she said it, I realized that was IT. DUH! Huge open room…and a bar. It never felt like a home, because it is made more like an event hall!

Here is a sneak peek of our soon-to-be new-to-us home:

Lake House

I snatched this photo from the county’s property tax site….So it is not of great quality. This southern girl would still rather live south of the Mason-Dixon; but if I have to live in NY, I’m glad I’m going to get to live here.

Until next time,