Purpose or A New Season


The crickets may return tomorrow, but for today, I am back.

This morning while eating my breakfast, I scanned my Facebook home page. Last night a friend had posted:

Ever wonder what your purpose is? Or if you even have one?

As is usual for me, I get rather reflective—lost in my own thoughts—when winter refuses to leave. This year even more so than usual. Partially because winter was so HORRIBLE here in upstate NY this year (it is still trying to hang on!). Mainly because my nest is about to be empty. Therefore, my purpose has been very much on my mind. I started to answer on FB, but decided that could get rather lengthy. So why not make it a blog post?

Here is my answer to her question—the long version:

Lately, I have given quite a bit of thought to my purpose in this life. Not the BIG picture purpose—I believe that is to reflect the image of Christ. No, I’ve been thinking LITTLE picture—how to actually live out the BIG purpose in the day-to-day living. The little stuff that adds up to the big stuff. What do I need to do today, tomorrow and everyday to be the hands and feet of Christ?

I/We look at the Billy Graham’s of the world or even community leaders and see them doing what we conceive as great and mighty things, and we feel so…..little. We read in our Bibles the sacrificial works of Moses and Paul and other mighty saints and think “How am I suppose to live up to that?”.

We forget that behind every great saint were numerous NAMELESS everyday Christians. What were they doing? They were plowing their fields, weaving their fabric, cooking meals, tidying homes, and selling their wares. In other words, they were doing their work and living their day-to-day lives. The difference was that now they were doing it “as unto the Lord”. They were using their everyday lives to reflect the image—the love of—Christ to those they interacted with in their everyday, ordinary lives.

As an introvert, this is especially comforting. I do not need to lead a large non-profit to serve my purpose for Him. I do not need to speak to large groups of people in order to serve my purpose for Him. I don’t even have to necessarily leave my house in order to serve my purpose for Him.

Today I just need to answer the question: How can I serve God/reflect His image with what I am doing today?

I also need to pray that God reveals any specific task that he would have me do. And then—and here is the hard part for me—LISTEN for His answer. Often these are little promptings that we too often dismiss….the sudden urge to call a friend or mail a card to an acquaintance….to invite a neighbor to dinner or to go shopping with us….sometimes just to wave at a passerby. How small these gestures are; but to a friend having a bad day? not so small. To the neighbor who is feeling lonely? a life preserver.

If we are faithful to do the small things everyday, He will lead us to whatever larger things He may have planned for us. One day that may include leading a large non-profit or giving a speech or traveling to a foreign country to do missions. It may lead to a dream job or dream home or a great love (for those looking for that). It may lead to writing a book that helps millions see Him. Or it may just be that He has a quiet life planned for you where you touch people through the years in ways that seem insignificant to you but is life altering to them.

As I move into this new season of life with my husband—empty nesters….I feel so old—I hope to be faithful in the little things and that God uses them for His big purpose!

My friend? A nurse and a teacher (of others becoming nurses). I am by nature in awe of anyone who works with patients, because I cannot stand being around sick people! But I think the thing that she does that really makes me admire her most is her practice of hospitality. She opens her home often and the love she has for others truly does reflect the love of Christ!!!

What are some of the “little” things that others have done for you that have brought you “Big” blessings?


Until next time,