Machine Sampler

I think the creative part of my brain has taken a vacation. I’ve scanned my idea books. I’ve checked out a few of my favorite blogs. I’ve done the Pinterest scan. Nothing! I decided I needed a little sewing therapy. I scanned my patterns. Made a mess of my fabric stash. Still….Nothing! I told myself: “Self, just do something. ANYTHING! “ So I decided to make a “Machine Sampler”. What is a machine sampler?

Machine Sampler 2

sampler close up 1

It is a sample of your sewing machine’s stitches.* I wrote the stitch number next to the sample. Very handy reference for when you are sewing…especially when you want to add some decorative stitching. And don’t think that you only have to use the stitches classified as “decorative” to add a little something extra to your projects. Experiment. Have fun. There are no rules.

*If you decide to make your own machine sampler, choose a piece of fabric larger than you think you will need. I completely underestimated the amount of space needed. Therefore, part of my stitches had to go on another piece of fabric!

Unfortunately, even trying to jumpstart my creativity with the sampler project didn’t work. So I decided to stick with an oldie, but goodie. I started working on some tea towels with ink transfers. Pictures coming soon.

While my creative part of my brain has been on vacation, the domestic goddess has made an appearance. So I’m off to do some cleaning and cooking (maybe that will induce some creativity???).


Until next time,