French-style Fabric Coasters

Just thought I would drop by and say “HI!”. It has been a wee bit busy around here…can you say squash, squash and more squash! I’ve also been doing some de-cluttering. How does one accumulate so much stuff in such a little time? I mean, we had a huge de-cluttering session before we moved from NC 4 years ago. Anyway…here is a little project I worked on when I NEEDED some sewing therapy a few days ago.

Fabric Coasters--French Grain sack style

Some simple French-style fabric coasters made from scraps of canvas drop cloths. Of course the images came from The Graphics Fairy and were transferred to the canvas via the Citra-solv method.

Here are their close-ups:

Fabric Coaster-Cacao

Fabric Coaster-Fleura

Fabric Coaster-French Bee

Fabric Coaster-Grains

Fabric Coaster-Objets

Fabric Coaster-Vins

This is a simple project. For each coaster you need 4 squares of fabric—mine are approximately 4 1/2 inches. Transfer your image onto one piece of fabric. Stack the squares—make sure your image is on top—and sew a tight zig-zag stitch  all the way around, approximately 1/4 inch form the edge. The settings that I used for my stitch were width = 1.4; length = 0.9. My machine is a Kenmore/Jenome. Once you’ve sewn your square together, clip the strings and fringe the edges, and—Voila!

I’ve been working on other projects that I REALLY want to share with you…but my computer has been a bit temperamental this past week (or twelve)…I’m afraid it is time for a new one. I really like the all-in-one machines. Anyone own one? Any suggestions?

Well…the garden beckons….

Until next time,


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  1. These are beautiful, Sammi. I have yet to try that citri-solve method, but I need to. Thanks for partying with me! xo Jami


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