Quick Scrappy Sewing

Recently I realized that my potholders were getting a little shabby. They hit the trash before I even thought to share a photo with you; but they were just your basic, worn thin, batting showing, stained potholders. Since making potholders is a relatively quick and simple project, I decided to make some new ones.
First I started with this:
Scrappy Beginning
Basically I cut out a square with a lip where the opening will be once for turning the potholder right-side out. It makes it easier to stitch the opening up all nice and neat.
Then I started getting a little creative…
Scrappy CrownScrappy Example 1
with some little scrappy pieces and The Graphics Fairy (shocked, aren’t ya?).
decorative stitchesDSCF3215some detail
I even tried out some of those decorative stitches on the ol’ machine.
Here are some finished ones:
Another Scrappy potholderFinished Scrappy BScrappy B Crown 2
I added 1 layer of cotton batting in these potholders. I also made a trivet with the same technique, but used 2 layers of batting. It is already in full-time use in the kitchen…so it missed the photo shoot.
And here is a close-up of the back of one of them…
Close up back of Scrappy BOn it I sewed lines of loopy stitches. I think it is some special quilting stitch…but a quilter I ain’t! I just thought it looked neat.
AND their little sisters…
Scrappy Little Sisters
Scrappy Lil’ Fabric Coasters. These are made by putting one creatively scrappy square on top of 3 other plain layers (in case you are wondering, the natural “base” fabric that I used is the humble canvas drop cloth.), then I just stitch them together, leaving the raw edges. Couldn’t get easier! Just let your imagination go wild!
Yep…I got a little carried away. That’s okay. Now I have some scrappy little gifts stashed away.
Hope your weather is as nice as ours here in Upstate NY…and you’re enjoying it!

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  1. Beautiful! So much prettier than the store bought ones.


  2. Visiting from Brag Monday:) Love your potholders.
    Tres chic.
    XO Marie

  3. Beautiful... thank you for sharing your process.... lovely work! :)


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