Open for Business!

Yep, the Mercantile is open for business. FINALLY! That “coming soon” message had been there for months. With all that said…there is only ONE item in there at the moment. And that was quite a task for a semi-computer illiterate person like myself….well…that and the fact that my computer decided to be a little temperamental right in the middle of creating my listing. Isn’t that the way it always seems to go? I almost quit! Yep…almost left that “coming soon” message right where it was!

Then I remembered Funky Junk Donna's One Scary Thing Challenge and decided that I would list JUST ONE thing! Baby steps, people. Baby Steps.


After you check out my listing over at the Stormy Hen Mercantile (shouldn’t take long this time), go on over to Donna's One Scary Thing Challenge to see what some of the other participants are doing. Better yet…after you see what everyone else is up to, jump in and take the challenge yourself!


Until next time,



  1. Woa... I'm totally honoured my little challenge got you to remove that dreaded sign and got you productive! Nicely done Sammi!

    Go you!! I hope to see your shelves brimming full with awesome things! Keep it up!


  2. Nicely done. First steps are the hardest. Keep it up. Schedule the time. Do the deed. Just move forward. Heck! maybe I'll follow my own advise and post about it.
    You go girl!
    Miss Ellie

  3. Oh, I hate when the computer starts acting up just when I'm doing something important. So glad you didn't give up. Good luck with your new shop!

  4. I too have started on my journey of selling my crafts! I have been saying it for years and today...i started a new blog to help jumpstart me! what a big step that was for me..and then just looking around..and here i find you...doing quite the same thing!! How crazy!! I wish you well and send tons of confidence your way!!

    Come by and visit:


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