Current Projects…

Well…not ALL of my current projects! But here is some proof that I’ve actually done something. Note the carefully staged photos, because the one thing that I have NOT done is clean. YIKES!


almost finished beach art

I worked on a little art for the powder room. I just need to decide if I’m going to “age” it before giving it a clear coat.


Next up…a little something for the mercantile (once I have time to do all the stuff involved in listing it):

aix les bains closeup 3fringed tea towel aix les bainsDSCF3191

hmmm….my photography skills could use some work. All of the above photos are of the same towel…yet the last one seems so much lighter. In reality it is closer to the darker shade. As is usually the case, the image is from The Graphics Fairy.

Yesterday’s largest, most frustrating project was this:

stripped rocking chair

I didn’t think I was EVER going to finish getting this lady “undressed”. Why?

lots of nail holes

Someone use 7,836,423 nails and upholstery tacks to get her dressed. There were times when I thought she would completely fall apart once I got her unattached from all those stinky layers that she was covered in! But she seems to have made it through okay. Have I mentioned that I have NEVER, EVER attempted to upholster a piece of furniture?…unless you count putting new fabric on a little bench. But this lovely rocking chair only cost me $5, so I think it will be a good starter project.

And the other thing that I’ve worked on is giving my blog a facelift. First of all, I received an e-mail stating that parts of my blog were hard to read due to the font size. Oops! I guess having a gigantuous monitor left me unaware. The offending area had looked HUGE to me, so I had changed it to small font. My bad! Hopefully everything is now readable. While I was at it, I changed my background. It came from Karen’s Background Fairy page. There’s a link above my photo on the sidebar.

Now…I really do need to clean. I have an appointment that will take up much of my day tomorrow…so….I will try to get a few items listed in The Mercantile on Thursday!

Until then,