Do any of you that have your own blogs ever read your blog and wonder to yourself, “WHO is the person who wrote THIS?” I mean, obviously, you know that YOU did. However, it just doesn’t feel like the true you is coming through the screen. That is where I have been with my blog for some time now. My “voice” just doesn’t feel like the real me. Not just that…my blog didn’t look like it reflected me. I hope to move my blog toward being more me-like. If any of you have been around my blog the last 24 hrs., you’ve probably notices LOTS of changes…template changes, layout changes. Yeah, it’s been ALL over the place. This morning I sat down to change the background once again. I went to my FAVORITE graphics/background source. Any guesses? Yep, Karen over at The Graphics Fairy. And as much as I love all her sites, I just wasn’t feeling it. Nothing was ME! Then it hit me…a big smack on the side of the head. “Make your own background!” Duh!! Yeah, I’m a little slow sometimes.

So I did! And here is my “scenic route” to making my blog authentically MOI!

First of all I thought of going to The Graphics Fairy (yep…I’m a Graphics Fairy stalker) to grab some images to make a digital collage. Which was really a great idea—if I do say so myself! But I suddenly realized that I already had a near perfect collage. It wasn’t digital, but I soon remedied that!

Here is the original “collage”:

tissue box collage

A wood tissue box cover that I had covered with images from The Graphics Fairy several months ago using the Mod Podge transfer method. That is one of those projects that never got blogged about due to my lack of organization. Anyway…it is sitting on the other tool needed for this background project. My scanner! Yep…that simple. I scanned the image into my computer, and voila:

scan screenshot

I had my digital collage. (Hint: I threw a piece of fabric over the tissue box before scanning it, since OBVIOUSLY the lid of the scanner wouldn’t close.) But the fun was only beginning! Next I uploaded the image to PicMonkey and played with it until I had this:

custom background take 2

Which I used as my new blog background. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Oh yeah…as stated above: I’m sometimes a little slow.

But I didn’t stop there…I was on a roll. I also updated my blog button.

Let me know what you think!

Until next time,


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  1. Love love love your new background and how it looks on this blog!!! Great job!

  2. so clever to use fabric when scanning! Love it!


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