One Shop and $20

On a recent sunny winter’s day, I suddenly had the urge to visit my favorite “junk” store. I put on some old (yet presentable) clothes, grabbed a couple of 20’s, and headed out the door.

The day’s finds—$19 and some change:

DSCF2929DSCF2930I had been wanting a copy of French Women Don’t Get Fat for a while, but it kept getting pushed down the priority list. I’m now glad it was!DSCF2938DSCF2939DSCF2940Some vinyl for BoyWonder.


I think these candlesticks need a makeover…at the very minimum, they need some new (CLEAN) felt!

DSCF2942How cool is this old Rolodex???DSCF2943

DSCF2944DSCF2950An old drawer—great for storage in the studio!

DSCF2951I had almost made it out the door when I spotted the piece of slate. Of course, I had to bring it home too!DSCF2953Love me some tarnished silver-plate.DSCF2954Not sure what this is (part of an old lamp???) or what it wants to be, but it had to come home with me. Right now it is telling me it wants to be a miniature flag stand….might have to try that when Memorial Day and Independence Day come around.

DSCF2956This platter was absolutely COVERED in dirt. I was hoping for a “usable” piece; but alas, it is destined to be a display piece. That’s okay. I think I love it even more for its patina—aged beauty.

The other $20? Well, Mickey D’s got most of it—a late lunch for moi and an afterschool snack for BoyWonder. I think I did MUCH better at the thrift store!

Until next time…..

Happy Thrifting,