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After a couple of months of pretty much doing nothing but the bare essentials (due to a serious lack of energy), I have been finding it quite difficult to find my creative groove in the studio. Add to that some minor misadventures with the sewing machine….and well…let’s just say I’ve been a wee bit…frustrated? Yes, but not really the word I’m looking for….mmmm…creatively anxious—not anxious in a creative WAY, but anxious that I’ve lost my ability to create. What’s a girl to do? Just keep trying, of course.
So I put on some British TV (via Netflix) in the studio and just soaked up the atmosphere of the studio. Creativity through osmosis? Not really. I just walked around and “felt” the studio. I picked up my paint brushes. Unfolded and refolded fabric. Looked through some design books. Sorted through my patterns. I finally paused Netflix and headed to some of my favorite inspirational online spots, including The Graphics Fairy. There I found this:

And BEFORE I had ever heard of Pinterest, I had placed these images in an Inspiration File on my computer. Therefore, I can’t give credit where credit is due. (But I will if anyone knows where the original images are…)
Apron idearustic apron
Here is my version:
Long Half Apron 2Long Half Apron 3Long Half ApronMarket tote and apron
I was going to make a fabric tie, BUT I remembered I had a couple of rolls of webbing and some d-rings. I like to wrap the tie around a couple of times, so I made it extra long….actually a little too long, but I’ll know better next time. The fabric is canvas drop cloth (of course!) and the image was transferred using the Citra-solv method….The love affair with my laser printer and Citra-Solv continues. Winking smile
I also made a lined market tote.
Floral Market Tote 2Floral Market Tote
I was on a roll. So how about a little sketching? Deep breath….do I dare share my sketch. You’ll be kind, right?
I usually keep my sketchbooks as private as my diary. But lately I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone. So there it is…a step….now if I can just click on “publish” before I rush back into my tiny little circle.
That’s what has been happening in my studio. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?
Until next time,
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  1. Your apron is beautiful! I am dying to try the Citra-Solv method. I didn't know you could do it on fabric. Coming over from The Graphics Fairy and a new follower!



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