On a beautiful morning in North Carolina, I sat on my sofa crocheting dish cloths for Christmas gifts. A national news program was on the television. The raw news of a plane crash into one of the World Trade Towers was the topic. There was confusion about what had happened. Then I watched in complete shock—and horror—as the second plane hit as the news cameras rolled. For a brief moment, my mind searched for ANY reason why two planes could accidentally hit the towers. There was none. News of the Pentagon came in. There could be no doubt. The U.S. was under attack. Sometime during the morning we hear that a plane is missing. Soon we would be learning about the heroes of Flight 93.


World Trade Center 9-11 cross



Yes, the United States of America was forever changed. Today we remember...the ones lost…the ones left behind…and the loss of a generation’s innocence.

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