Buyer’s Remorse

Studio (August 2011) 2011-08-22 021


See that machine beside the books? I started regretting buying a Cricut Expression not very long after it arrived in my home. Why? The expense in using it. I purchased it with the intention of ordering some 3rd party software to bypass the expense of the cartridges. Then I put off buying the software until my budget was a little better prepared to handle it. Then Provo Craft (the maker of the Cricut) sued the 3rd party software developer and it is no longer available. Which would be okay, IF Provo would develop their own software that did not require the use of their cartridges at a cost of $25-$90 EACH.

I should have done more research! If I had, I would have discovered the Silhouette. Which has MANY more capabilities than the Cricut!!!! Lesson learned. So now I’m saving up for the new Silhouette Cameo that is being released in October….and no, I will not be able to purchase it then. I’m afraid that the $299 price tag is more than my husband is going to let me spend at the moment (other things are a little higher on the priority list). The terrible irony is the fact that I paid nearly that much for the Cricut that has basically sat around collecting dust. Truly….I’ve only used it for a few test runs. I didn’t make ANY real projects with it, unless you count a few poster board/glass glitter ornaments that you can see here or here.  It hasn’t been powered up in months. Did I mention that this was an expensive lesson? one I’m posting about in the hopes of preventing others from making. With that said….anyone want a slightly used Cricut Expression at a heavy discount? Maybe someone that already has a lot of cartridges and just wants to upgrade from the smaller cricut? Anyone? And just know…the software CAN be found on e-bay; but at the current bids, I can buy the Silhouette and lots of extras!

Until next time….