Today I made a quick trip into my favorite antique/thrift/junk store! The items there are usually from estate sales and occasionally a storage unit that someone has abandoned. Therefore, you NEVER know what you will find. The bonus? The owner prices to sell…she has to move stuff through, not only to make back her money, but to make room for the next estate.

Lately, I’ve made trips there looking for a small cabinet that I can use in our bathroom. We rent, and our one and only bathroom has a pedestal sink, no vanity. So we are in DESPERATE need of storage. I’ve had NO luck finding what I want….but that hasn’t caused me to walk out empty-handed.

On a trip there a couple of weeks ago, I found this little beauty:


I was pretty sure that I knew what it was, but I asked just to be sure. Want to guess?…or perhaps you know. Hint: this one is missing the holder for its knife. Which is perhaps why I managed to pick this little baby up for $3. I was going to sell her on etsy, but I think I’ve fallen in love.

On that same trip, I also found this tray:


I found this one on the 50% off shelf (lovely assortment of alcohol NOT included) for a mere $2.50. It has a couple of rusty spots where the silverplate has come off, but I think it looks quite lovely in the indulgence cabinet (it is also where I hide my chocolate…mainly from myself as no one else living here eats dark chocolate!).

Today’s trip also failed to produce the perfect little cabinet, but I did find this shelf:

DSCF2539…plus a couple of old books. The drawers were filled with all kinds of little goodies, including the 3 turtles and the lizard seen on the bottom shelf.

turtles and lizardStill not a very good picture, but I promise they are really cute….especially the little turtle lying on his back. The drawers also held some pills (which are now in the trash!), a clock key, a shot glass, a bracelet, and other odd bits. I had planned on refinishing the shelf to use as a spice rack in my kitchen. Only one problem with that plan….no place to hang it! Oh well…it is a well-made, SOLID piece; so I’m sure it will find its place.

Now on to the JACKPOT!!!! Are you ready? I nearly passed out when she told me how much she wanted for these….

DSCF2545A box FULL of vintage patterns!


DSCF2546swimsuits and skirt cover-up,

darling boys’ coats and hats,DSCF2548DSCF2549sweet little girls’ items,

DSCF2550and some lovely sleepwear…back when ladies knew how to dress for bed, no t-shirts and yoga pants (yes, that is what my Man has to deal with most nights…but I think I’ve been inspired!).  Plus so much more….aprons, hats, purses, even toy patterns. How much was this box of goodies, you ask? Take a deep breath! (then scroll down…)














Yep, $5!!!! I couldn’t pay for them and get out fast enough. I was afraid that she would change her mind!

Anyone else out there hit the jackpot lately?

Until next time….