Summer time

and the living is easy.


I LOVE frozen lemonade. Several years ago it seemed as if those frozen lemonade push carts were everywhere. Now?…not so much. (or at least not where I live.) Today, as the temperatures soared into the 90’s here in Upstate NY, I suddenly started craving that old favorite.

But no worries….frozen lemonade is quick and EASY!

First you need your favorite lemonade recipe. You can find my simple recipe here. Today, I actually cheated….I had some of this

simply lemonadein my fridge. I love their Limeade also… ummm—frozen limeade???

But first….

There are two methods for turning your lemonade into frozen lemonade. The first and easiest is using your electric ice cream maker.

Ice Cream 262

Just follow your ice cream makers instructions of operation. My little Hamilton Beach model had my lemonade ready in about 12 minutes….although it seemed MUCH longer.

Method #2 really does take much longer, but it is still easy. For this method you need to freeze your lemonade in ice cube trays. Once the lemonade is frozen, you will plop those lemonade cubes in a blender and pulse until slushy.

Here is the finished product

Ice Cream 266

served in insulated cups (to keep it from melting so quickly on a hot day) with iced teaspoon….although straws would work also!





  1. Oh my gosh I have got to try this! It has been in the 100's here for three weeks and this would hit the spot!


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