Perfectly Imperfect

A couple of months ago I started my very FIRST slipcover.


It was quite an adventure. But it is finally finished (okay it has been finished for a couple of weeks, but before I could get photos I caught a nasty little bug…and ….well, you know). Perfect? NOPE. Far from it….but it is perfect enough. Plus I learned quite a bit for future projects…..most importantly: buy MORE fabric than you think you’ll need! I made this with canvas dropcloths….I only bought enough for the body…on purpose. But when I went back to buy some for the cushions…well…the only cloths in stock were a completely different shade. Took me forever to find any that were even close.

Spring is SLOWLY coming to Upstate NY…a little too slowly for this southern chick! Here are some of our recent visitors…..

A few goldfinches….


These little flying PIGS have been eating about 10 lbs. of nyjer seed every couple of days!!! ….plus sunflower seed.

A rarely seen black squirrel….


Unfortunately, the very shy oriole didn’t show up until I was back inside with camera turned off….

And yes…that IS snow in the photo of the squirrel…that was a couple of weeks ago….but it is finally ALL GONE….and with any luck it won’t reappear until after Thanksgiving!!!

Well…I’m off to do a little spring cleaning….




***This is the first time I have posted since the devastating tornado outbreak in the south….. Therefore, I want to say that my southern heart breaks for all those affected. ….many prayers for you all!