March Projects

I seem to have lost my voice lately….can’t seem to get my thoughts organized well enough….

So here are a few pictures of some of the things that have kept my hands busy while my mind sorts things out.

candlestick beforeBefore (oops had already started painting one before I remembered….)

coat 1Base coat

Candlestick makeoverAnd the “After”….kind of…I haven’t quite decided what the best finishing coat would be…poly? wax? nothing?


And some finished sewing projects:

Denim Newborn

Upcycled denim

lined totebagcontrastliningLined tote

1side 2Reversible tote


And a bracelet…..stringing beads….a calming activity.

knockoff KO 2A knock-off of a knock-off at Flamingo Toes.

Have a wonderful day!