Finally….for now.


Remember my telling you that I was reorganizing my studio? No? That’s okay. I told you that a LONG time ago….way back on October 28th


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Yes, it was quite a MESS! It is a bit difficult being creative when you’re surrounded by that kind of clutter.

I have arranged, rearranged, rearranged again….tried living with it for a few days/weeks….and then started all over again. Most days the studio looked much better than the above photos. However, I just was not happy with it. I finally had to face the facts that: 1) I don’t have enough room for all that stuff. 2) Since we rent….I couldn’t knock out a wall! Winking smile 3) I needed function over beauty. So the first thing I did was move a LOT of things (magazines, fabric, future projects) to a room upstairs. I still had MANY more books than I had space. So I told my dear hubby that I MUST have more bookshelves! He gave me that “It’s the middle of winter…my shop is full with a tractor with blade, snow blower, etc., etc. You’re not getting shelves until spring thaw”. And then I painfully went through my books and selected those that I could live without…temporarily. Those went into a large storage container. Sadly it is now the 4th large storage container filled with books. I have an addiction!

Then it was back to arranging, moving, rearranging, moving back….You get the picture. Am I happy with it? No, not completely. Some things I can remedy in the future as my budget opens up. Other things I just have to deal with, because it’s NOT my house….

But here are some AFTER shots:

Studio Build-in

The Studio Build-in.


Studio after 016

A drawer from a cabinet that I had to disassemble…filled with sewing supplies.


Studio after 007Studio after 011

My sewing table.

Studio after 010

My project table.

Studio after 008

Some storage under the project table.

Studio after 009Studio after 003

My desk area… I decided to use the side-table for my printer until the spring thaw. Then it is getting a makeover like its twin.

Studio after 017

Some of my design/sewing/inspiration books.

Studio after 014

Some inspiration….from Country Living-January 2008. I so want to find some chippy benches to use for book storage!

Studio after 020

The BANE of my existence…

Okay seriously, I DO need to find a better way to store my fabric. This is only a small portion of my collection. I have several boxes stored upstairs.


view from my desk

And finally…the view from my desk.

Now…I must give the rest of my much neglected home some TLC. My Christmas tree is still up!!! I’m usually packing up Christmas on December 26th….So it is well PAST time to deal with it. That is definitely a MUST DO for my Saturday. But come Monday, now that the studio is in order…time to create!!!


Have a wonderful weekend!