Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

Christmas 2010 058Christmas 2010 059Christmas 2010 060
That is what’s been happening outside. This is what’s been happening inside:
Christmas 2010 048Christmas 2010 051Christmas 2010 070Christmas 2010 071Christmas 2010 072
Some of you may remember my “Joyeux Noel” banner from here. Well…while recently blog party hopping I saw where someone had made basically the same thing (without the writing) to use as a card holder. (And if I ever find it again, I’ll tell who that was!) I already had my banner hanging…all I had to do was glitter some clothespins to coordinate with the letters to use to hang the cards. It was really one of those “why didn’t I think to use it that way” moments.
I have a HUGE to do list (who doesn’t this time of year???), so I’m off to continue working on it. I pray you are all having a blessed holiday season!