For My Guinea Pig

Do any of you have one (or more) of those? A dear friend that you “use” to try out new ideas? new patterns? new recipes? Well, I do! We are kindred spirits…and she will tell me how it REALLY is! If we lived closer, she would be my partner in crime this little adventure of Stormy Hen Creations. I miss her EVERY time I work on a project.
Recently, I asked my friend to describe a style of apron that SHE would BUY if she could find it. So she described one that she had seen a lady at her church wear at a church function…Then knowing that I am a visual person she went a step farther and sent me a link for a pattern. Here is the apron I made for my guinea pig dear friend!
Heather's Apron
I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby. I absolutely fell in love with it…so much so that I bought enough to make myself an apron. I learned some new skills while making this apron. I also bit my tongue quite a bit to prevent not nice things from escaping my lips. Which means there are a few things for which I definitely need more practice!!! It isn’t perfect, but I know that my friend will love it, flaws and all. (…with that said, I must also say that it is MUCH better quality than most aprons that I have seen in stores!….of course, I am picky, picky, picky!)
Now I’m off to do some more organizing in my studio….which I have spent my ENTIRE week working on and have FINALLY (I hope) come up with a much better work space….will try to take some photos later…BEFORE my next project takes over!

OH....and I hope you ALL had a wonderful Christmas (I did). And HAVE A HAPPY (and safe) NEW YEAR!!!!
I’m going to join the party at:
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  1. It's adorable! Love the fabric too.

  2. I have never seen an apron like this-too cute. I love to wear aprons, I feel so Betty Crocker-ish! Happy New Year.

  3. That is VERY cute. I would totally wear that. Thanks so much for sharing with air you laundry Friday, Sammi!



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