For some reason, my Christmas spirit hasn’t bothered to show up yet. I usually love getting ready for the entire holiday season. Not really sure what the problem is…perhaps the fact that it feels as if this year has FLOWN by at a break-neck pace. Man had been feeling the same way, but decided to put the lights on the house anyway. He said it helped some. So….today I put up the tree.

Glass Glitter Creations 003

It’s a little naked right now…so I didn’t take a full-length picture.


And I decided to work on some more of these German glass glitter ornaments.

Glass Glitter Creations 001

These are made from practice boards that I bought at Lowe’s in the paint department. I cut the shapes using my Cricut. Since these were not very thick, I found that using spray adhesive works better than regular white glue for adhering the glitter. They have a tendency to roll up along the edges if you use white glue.

German glass glitter is addictive. Once you get started you may find suddenly have the urge to search throughout your home looking for items to glitter….cause glitter makes it better. (said in my best Paula Deen “butter makes it better” voice) Check out this cheapy little tree topper from the Dollar Store:

Glass Glitter Creations 002

I also need to visit The Graphics Fairy. I have an idea for some other ornaments using some of her wonderful graphics….and glitter! Winking smile

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. And don’t forget to check out my shop. Use coupon code BF201010 to receive 10% off your purchase through Monday at midnight …..or whenever I remember to deactivate the code…hint, hint!