Just stopping by to apologize for being MIA....I've been sick this week. It is just a cold (I think), but I take a prescription that has nasty interactions with all the GOOD OTC cold meds. Therefore, I've only really felt like doing the bare minimum around here. That has left my brand new etsy shop EMPTY! All my photos have to be re-sized and I haven't figured out a quick way to do it on my pc. I had posted two stockings, but one a friend wanted...so I unlisted it. The other? I realized that I hadn't even put the measurements in the description...so I de-activated it.
I think I am going to wait until I feel better and start FRESH!!! Yep...lately it has been one step forward, three steps back for me. But that is how we learn! (trying to be optimistic here....)

In the meantime....I did force myself to post some Thanksgiving recipes at another blog of mine. I only did that because my newly married daughter living in NC requested them....Thankfully, they were already on my hard drive so it was a matter of copy and paste. Anyhow....if your are interested you can find them at Stormy Hen Holidays...

Have a blessed day!!!