Etsy Shop Now Open

I finally took the plunge and opened a shop on I’m nervous….a little afraid. What if no one likes my stuff? What if I don’t sell ANYTHING? What if I’m overpriced….or underpriced? What if {fill in the blank} ? But I can’t live my life in the land of “what-ifs”….So I’m OPEN for BUSINESS! I only have a couple of stockings listed, but you can find them at: or check the sidebar.



  1. I've just been and had a look, your stockings look great! They're definitely not over-priced, if anything I'd say you could sell them for more, but then I know nothing about the market and I don't sell anything myself!

  2. Sammi, Your etsy shop is lovely. I think your items are so reasonable and beautiful. Starting a new venture like this is always a little scary... but believe in yourself. YOur things are just wonderful! I love the toile stocking!


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