I’m Diving In

I’ve been super busy lately. I’ve made several Christmas stockings.
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I’ve cleaned the entire house…..except for my studio. My poor, poor studio. It has been used and abused lately. It stores much of the material I am collecting for future projects, including a LOT of stuff that a friend gave me when she found out what I’ve been working on. I enter this room with the best intentions of cleaning and organizing it. THEN before I know what is happening, I am working on a project. As a result, this is what my studio looks like this morning:
Blog Stuff 001
Blog Stuff 002Blog Stuff 003
Anyone else get excited working on projects and let this happen to your work space?? Anyone? PLEASE tell me that I’m not alone!
Definitely time to dive in and organize this mess! THEN I must discipline myself to work on ONE or two projects at a time and keep the mess to a minimum. Hope to be back in a day or so with photo proof of a better organized space. Until then…..
Have a blessed and creative day!


  1. Oh yes, this is a familiar sight to me! Well done for confining it to one room - mine covers my craft room, and also part of the living room!

  2. Oh don't be so hard on yourself ;)
    we all get messy rooms :D


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