Give Me a Sign

Or would it be a wall plaque? Whatever you want to call it….here is my latest project:
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  A couple of months ago my hubby came home with a small cabinet that someone gave him. I loved that little cabinet. Unfortunately, due to a bad repair job, it could not be restored to the glory that I just knew it once had. Sadly, I took it apart hoping to give it new life…actually new lives. This sign was made from one of its shelves. The shape and size are perfect. I have 3 more shelves left…stay tuned to see what they may become. One may become a similar sign for my newlywed daughter….maybe. I’m not sure about the others yet.
On another note….
Of course once the sewing bug hit me with full force, my sewing machine decided not to play nice. I kept having trouble with bobbin thread jamming. That was caused by a tiny little scratch on the bobbin case. Or perhaps the scratch was caused from the thread jamming, which led to more thread jamming. (you know…classic “chicken or egg?” dilemma)  Out came the handy, dandy emery board to file out the scratch until I could find a replacement part. I thought I had found the part; but while searching for a better deal, I found conflicting information on whether that particular part worked on my model. Plus I knew that I would eventually have to upgrade my machine. So I started doing some research…. WOW! There are a LOT of choices out there….and a LOT of opinions. First of all….I found out that the general opinion out there in review land is that the machine I currently own is a piece of JUNK! Maybe, just maybe, all those problems that I’ve had with it over the past few years weren’t operator error after all. But that settled one thing for me. Instead of fixing my machine, I needed to bite the bullet and upgrade. Now I am on a VERY limited budget. So jumping right to the top of the line is out of the question. Therefore, the first place I went was to I knew that they sell reconditioned products…I had bought some reconditioned mp3 players several years ago for me and my kids at a fraction of the price of new one. They have served us all well. And I bought 3 for less than the price of a new one. But I digress…..anyway, Overstock had several reconditioned Janome machines. I read and read and read reviews…..until my head was spinning. I do believe there is such a thing as TOO MUCH information. I finally just took a leap of faith and purchased this one. It should be here in a couple of days. I hope it works out. I sure have a huge pile of fabric that is waiting to be turned into Christmas stockings….oh and the unfinished curtain panels I was working on when my current machine took another nosedive….plus more decorative pillow ideas….plus tote bags. Yep…the sewing bug has bitten!
Until next time….


  1. Hey, congratulations on the new machine! I get mine in just 22 days now!! Out of interest, what is your machine? I was trying to sew Lycra last night and my mum's Brother machine kept jamming, just like you said. I had a spare bobbin case so I changed it (unfortunately this only occured to me after about an hour of ripping and tugging and tears) and it worked fine...

  2. Currently I have a Brother cs6000i. I've had it for several years, and I've always had trouble with it. Since I didn't sew very often, I always assumed it was operator error. When we moved to this house I finally had a room of my own to use as a I started sewing more. Well...trying to sew anyway. But I always spent more time tearing out stitches, re-adjusting the machine, sewing sample stitches...getting those perfect, then having the machine go crazy on my actual project. I pray that the new machine allows me to actually get some projects completed! I'm looking forward to seeing your projects once you get your machine. Your coasters are so cute!


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