After this post I’m going to vacuum…

I’ve been cutting out fabric in the living room and sewing in the studio….and well there are bits of string and lint and mystery dust to prove it.
But on with the post! ;-)
I’ve had images in my head….I’m trying desperately to bring them to reality. I keep a notebook of ideas and as quick as I write one idea down another pops into my head. It is a very crowded place in there. I REALLY do not like having a cluttered mind. A cluttered mind leads to a cluttered house for me. I just cannot concentrate on even the simplest of tasks…It is like the ideas are literally bouncing around in my head…very distracting.
This week the two images that have come into focus the most are a finished end table (which right now is an UNfinished end table…but THAT is another story that I will be saving until it is a FINISHED end table….I pray soon.) and Christmas stockings. The Christmas stockings have been driving me a little nuts, because: 1) the images in my head are NOT traditional, 2) I already have a lot of what I need to make them and 3) Christmas will be here before we know it….and the big one: since they are NOT traditional and in this economy, will anyone buy them???? I try to only make things that I love and can give a home to IF they do not sell, but I really don’t NEED a large inventory of Christmas stockings…..Oh well, this is one project that must become reality. That is the only way to clear it from my head!!! A very temperamental sewing machine is NOT making things easy! (and yes, I am researching replacements…which leads to even greater distraction.)
So, I made a sample stocking this morning. I’m afraid that the VERY pale pink lining does not appear to be pink at all in the photos; so in your mind’s eye picture the softest baby pink.
 blog stuff 005 blog stuff 006 blog stuff 007
Yes, it is made from burlap….very rustic burlap. I also did another ink transfer using the same graphic that I used on the pillow from my previous post. (remember? it came from the Graphics Fairy.) I was curious how it would work on such a loose weave. It is very smudged, which is really what I expected. However, with the rustic nature of the stocking, it doesn’t bother me like it did with the pillow. The entire time I was planning this stocking and cutting out this stocking and getting ready to sew this stocking, I kept telling myself, “do not forget the sew the hanging loop into the seam of the lining”. And then I promptly forgot to sew the hanging loop into the seam of the lining. Therefore I used a zigzag stitch to sew it through the lining and burlap from the inside. It is really okay for the style of this one, but I guess I need to post a note on my machine for future reference!
Another thing that is on my mind….though not a big worry at the moment, is what to do with this mirror. Or to do nothing at all. A friend who is helping me get my business off the ground gave me this mirror to advance the cause.
blog stuff 011 The question is: “Do I refinish it or leave it alone?” My natural instinct is to refinish it. It is very nice as is, but it is very ordinary. For now, I am going to put it to the side and hope it speaks to me, but any suggestions are welcome!
Have a blessed and wonderfully creative day!