One step forward….

Well…what can I say? Organizing the studio has not been quite the easy, few day task that I had imagined. Yes. It is one step forward and two steps back. It seems like no matter how much I move and rearrange my items, I still am unable to find the space that I need. I finally conceded and took a few storage tubs full of fabric to a “spare” room upstairs.  I was avoiding that due to the “out of sight, out of mind” disease that I seem to have. Just when I was starting to gain steam, these showed up:
Blog Stuff 005
That would be my new “toys”, a Cricut Expressions cutting machine and Your Story book binder. Of course, I had to stop everything, unpack the boxes, and play. I am not a scrapbook person (which leads several of my friends to think there MUST be something wrong with me). I wanted the Cricut to do some home decor projects, and the Your Story was a bonus item. However, while it is not its intended purpose, I have already used the Your Story to rebind some of my paperback books that had loose pages. I did not buy the materials that I needed to make the projects that I intend to make with the Cricut, because I wanted to master the machine using paper first. Now I’m wishing that I had ordered everything when I ordered the machine. The Cricut Expressions is VERY user friendly, and I’m ready to start creating. I’m going to wait until I have the studio organized though. Hopefully, it will help motivate me to get it done.
Here are some pictures of one area of the room that I THINK is finished:
Blog Stuff 004 Blog Stuff 002 Blog Stuff 003
Same build-in as above. Behind the closed doors (that you can see in the first picture) are my paints, glues, and similar items. I have my office supplies in the opposite cabinet. These fabrics are the ones I plan on using in the near future. My design and crafting books are to the left of the fabric. My Bible Study and Inspirational books are to the right, a little something to keep me focused on why I am trying to get things organized. This is my Proverbs 31 project: develop a small, home business  for additional household income (NOT for the basics…that is hubby’s job) and for resources to help me extend my hand to the poor. The vision is still developing. :-)
I do have a few “sampler” projects in the works. Here is one (plus a few items that haven’t found a home yet):
Blog Stuff 006
And here are some materials that I hope to repurpose in the future:
Blog Stuff 008 Blog Stuff 007
I have ideas for everything EXCEPT the soybean sack. I have it hanging near my desk, hoping that it speaks to me and tells me what it wants to be. A friend brought it to me from an antiques fair. If it doesn’t speak soon, I’m going to have to move it…can’t have it fading in the sun.
Check back soon. Hopefully there will be progress.

Prepare your work outside and get it ready for yourself in the field; and afterward build your house and establish a home.  Proverbs 24:27 (Amplified)