Recent Projects for the Kitchen

The past few weeks have been busy getting yellow squash, zucchini, and green beans into the freezer. However, I did manage to sneak in a few quick projects. The following photos took some creative placement, as there are still MANY zucchinis in the kitchen awaiting my attention.

Here are a few dishcloths that I crocheted.
Projects 001

Here is a photo of one of three slipcovers that I made for the bar stools in my kitchen. The barstools have banana leaf seats and backs. My son has the bad habit of “drumming” with his pencil on the barstool next to him while doing school work. He doesn’t even realize that he is doing it. Unfortunately, my barstools are showing the wear from this abuse. Since they are VERY comfortable (and I don’t know anyone who can repair the banana leaf “caning”), I came up with these to cover the damage already there and to prevent future damage. They are made from canvas dropcloths (yes, you read that right). I painted the monogram on them….much quicker than pulling out the needle and thread. I am thinking of adding a stripe or two, but thought I would live with them for a while first.

 Projects 007 Projects 006
Well, I have to get back to the kitchen. Those zucchinis are not going to get themselves into the freezer.