Painted Clothespins

I have been wanting to make some paper-covered clothespins for my idea line. (A wire hung above my sewing table that I clip photos, small fabric samples, drawings, motivational quotes, etc).  Unfortunately, I have been unable to  find any decorative paper with a small-scale print that I like.  So I decided to paint some sample clothespins.
Blog stuff 004 Blog stuff 005
It was a little more difficult than I anticipated to paint the designs on such a small “canvas”. While they are not perfect, I am pleased with the first attempt. I started to spray them with a sealer, but decided to see how they wear. I have ideas for using them for future projects running through my mind. Magnets. Message boards. Recipe card holders. I love it when small projects get the creative juices flowing. Creating leads to more creating.


  1. I think your pegs are lovely, so well painted! Good idea too... I feel a clothes line coming on...


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