Creative Beings

I once read that the desire to create is in man’s DNA because he was created in the image of THE CREATOR. I believe that is true. We all create. Some create fine masterpieces. Others create more practical things, such as a meal or order in the home. We create out of necessity. We create out of love; love of our art, love for the person for whom we are creating, love for the Creator.
Here is where I hope to share my future creations. Since I am a Jack of all trades (and yes, master of none), what you will find here will vary. I may share a recipe, a sewing project, or the rebirth of a yardsale/flea-market find. I hope to have some creations for sale in the coming months, but many will be things for personal use or for gifts.
At the moment my mind is on Christmas. Yes, it is the very beginning of summer, a very warm day for Upstate NY, but now is the time to start those Christmas gifts and decorating projects. So pull out your project notebooks and start planning!